Southern_Soul_FrontThe South is well-known for its food. From barbecue in Memphis to beignets in New Orleans, a visit to a southern city isn’t complete without at least one meal of regional specialties. St. Simons Island is no different. What foods are uniquely found here?

  • Brunswick Stew – Brunswick, GA lies a mere 11 minutes across the marsh from St. Simons Island, and on July 2, 1898, the first pot of Brunswick Stew was made there. In fact, so popular is this local concoction that a landmark has been erected in its honor; an old iron pot, complete with official plaque, sits at the Brunswick/St. Simons visitor center. Traditionally, this stew is composed of two types of meat, tomatoes, and traditional southern vegetables such as butter beans and Vidalia onions. Essentially, it’s comfort in a bowl, as the entire mixture is cooked low and slow, normally for several hours at a time. Any restaurant on St. Simons with any self-respect will have this local favorite on the menu, and you’d be remiss to ignore it.
  • Oysters – A visit to the coast means seafood. Period. And what better seafood to enjoy than oysters caught right off the coast of Georgia. Southern oysters are among the most delicious anywhere, so whether you like them fried, steamed, or raw, or maybe even caught yourself, St. Simons Island is full of restaurants that can give you what you want.
  • Shrimp – Is there anything more indicative of southern cooking than the shrimp? Fried, mixed with creamy grits, or just boiled and peeled right on the table, shrimp caught fresh off of the beaches of St. Simons Island bring a unique flavor to the table. Restaurants on St. Simons Island serve them in both the traditional way and in creative, unexpected ways.
  • BBQ – In the south, BBQ is like football: everyone is passionate and convinced their team (or sauce) is the best. The state by state rivalry runs deep. There are several local BBQ restaurants on St. Simons Island, each offering their own spin on the classic pork shoulder and sauce. Don’t forget the classic sides, such as Brunswick Stew, coleslaw, and mac’n’cheese. A visit to the south is truly incomplete without some real southern BBQ.