ssi-loggerhead-turtlesOne of the most fascinating parts about the eastern seaboard is the presence of Loggerhead turtles. Each year, in the middle of the summer, these turtles come ashore to lay their eggs, which then hatch in August. This annual event has spawned a loyal following of scientists, environmentalists, and tourists. Visit St. Simons Island during the summer months and participate in many turtle-centric activities. For instance, sign up for Turtle Walks, where a group of people led by a naturalist walks the beach for an hour each evening. Turtle sightings aren’t guaranteed, but the odds are good that you’ll see a momma turtle laying a batch of eggs. In August, join Nest Walks where you’ll have the opportunity to investigate a newly hatched nest, and maybe even see baby turtles making their way to the ocean. If your visit happens to fall outside the designated summer months, have no fear. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is open year round and provides an interactive gallery, rehab pavilion where turtles undergoing rehabilitation are on view for guests, and numerous outdoor and indoor educational programs.

Experiencing a loggerhead turtle laying her eggs or those eggs hatching is a magical and unique experience – exactly what you’d expect from a visit to St. Simons Island.