ssi-fishingWhen at the beach, being outside as much as possible is necessary. Luckily, when vacationing on St. Simons Island, there are endless options for outdoor recreation.

    • Fishing
      Many people have fond memories of their father or grandfather taking them fishing as a child. Still others didn’t discover fishing until adulthood, but value the silence and solitude it provides. Whatever your fishing memory, St. Simons has the resources available for you to make even more. One of the benefits of fishing on a coast is the amount of different ecosystems available – salt marshes, tidal creeks, rivers, sounds, inlets, and the Atlantic Ocean itself are there for you to try your hand at fish catching. Whether you prefer angling or deep sea fishing, there are many options available for you. Go solo or find yourself a charter captain to learn even more about the diverse waterways that make up St. Simons Island.
    • Golf
      Yes, you can play golf at home. But why would you pass up an opportunity to play on some of the best and most challenging courses in the southeast? Or spend the afternoon viewing the gorgeous waterways and historic oak trees that line most courses? There are numerous courses available for your pleasure on St. Simons Island, each offering something different, so spend some time teeing off and enjoying the view that can only be found on Georgia’s Golden Isles.
    • Canoeing/Kayaking
      Whether an experienced kayaker or a first-time explorer, you’re sure to find a canoeing or kayaking adventure that suits your style on St. Simons Island. There are numerous waterways and inlets that provide hours of gorgeous views and peaceful paths; there are also numerous companies that will help you get outfitted for a day on the water. Several offer tours, ranging from a few hours to half day to overnight. Take some time to explore the island via the waterways and get a view of St. Simons that most people don’t get to see.
    • Bicycling
      We all have fond memories of riding bikes when we were children, and now those memories can be recreated on St. Simons Island. There are numerous paths available. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended you ride around the village. If you’re a more experienced rider, there are more open trails on the north end of the island that allow you to push yourself. Take the scenic Hampton Road, a 12 mile long stretch that provides excellent views. There are numerous locations where you can rent or purchase equipment, sized for the entire family.
    • Water Sports
      When one visits the beach, one gets in the water. That’s a given. Luckily, there are a plethora of options available for water sports on St. Simons Island. From surfing/wind-surfing to SCUBA diving, boating to water parks, there is no shortage of options. There are several shops that rent SCUBA equipment, sailboats, catamarans, jet skis, boogie boards, and other necessary water-related equipment. If you still want to get out onto the open sea but you’re not comfortable with navigating, there are several boat tours and excursions available, all for varied amounts of time. You’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy the Atlantic’s amazing water.
    • Horseback Riding
      How many people can say they rode horses on their beach vacation? Visit St. Simons Island and you could have that opportunity. There is a farm on the island that offers lessons, day camps, and trail rides. Try something new on your next St. Simons Island vacation!


  • Helicopter Tours
    Want a different way to see the island? Try a helicopter tour. Dragonfly Copters allows you a breathtaking aerial view of the Golden Isles, including the lovely mansions on the otherwise private Sea Islands.