St Simons foreclosure properties

The real estate crash that embodied the latter half of the 00s did not spare St. Simons Island. However, there are still ways for the savvy consumer to take advantage of these current trends. There are a number of foreclosed homes on St. Simons Island, and purchasing one of these homes could be the smartest financial decision you could make.

Instead of purchasing an empty lot and building your dream home on top of that, consider purchasing a foreclosed home and using that saved money to make your own paradise. Alternatively, if your luxurious tastes outweigh the allowed budget, there is an excellent chance you’ll be able to find a larger and lovelier house in foreclosure than you would otherwise. Additionally, buying a foreclosed home might allow you room in your budget for amenities such as a private pool, kitchen remodel, or screened-in porch.

Foreclosed homes on St. Simons Island vary in price from the low 100s to just over a million. Whether you’re searching for ocean front homes, marsh access homes, condos, townhomes, or private estates, you’re certain to find a foreclosed home on St. Simons Island that is perfect for you.