Homes Stlyes

When buying a home on St. Simons Island, whether beachfront or inland, one of the most important questions one can ask is, “What style am I looking for?” Unlike most other beach towns, St. Simons Island real estate contains a varied mix of styles that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning consumer.

The exterior of homes for sale on St. Simons Island vary from large, expansive Mediterranean style with stucco walls and tile roofs to traditional Southern estates with wrought iron features and completely brick walls. One thing is for certain – you will always find a porch, deck, pergola, or some type of outdoor living area. Whether a beachfront 3-story Craftsman or a quiet marsh front cottage, you’ll find some kind of outdoor living space.

As with most island homes, the main idea is to let the outside in. Tall ceilings, plenty of windows, and open layouts dominate the interiors of homes for sale on St. Simons Island. French doors are frequent touches, as well. Aside from expansive living spaces, there are large and multiple bedrooms, perfect for friends and family. New construction is gaining popularity on St. Simons, as well, which means complete customization is entirely possible. So whether you’re searching for a European style, Southern style, cottage or newly built Bungalow style, there is an option for you on St. Simons Island.